Признание зарубежного школьного образования в Украине

Study at a foreign school and receive both documents on Ukrainian education and foreign ones. Complete the necessary tests and count them in Optima.

How it works
Children are currently studying at a foreign school or at another educational institution that cannot issue educational documents of Ukrainian standards.
The distance school Optima has the opportunity to confirm the grades received in another educational institution and issue the state standard Ukrainian document on education based on completed tests.
If required, we offer a special tests preparation program: link
Legal framework
According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated April 1, 2022 No. 290 "On the approval of methodological recommendations regarding certain issues of the completion of the 2021/2022 academic year", any compulsory educational institution, including private educational institutions, in Ukraine or beyond its borders can conduct the evaluation.
According to the Law of Ukraine "On Education", educational institutions may recalculate grades obtained in other educational institutions by decision of the pedagogical council. Each case can be considered separately and individually.
The cost of the service
1 500 ₴
for grades 1-8, 10
3 500 ₴
for grades 9 and 11

Advantages of studying at “Optima”

comfortable and fast communication
transparent payments
high client orientation
documents on the education of the state standards
re-enrollment of grades received by students in other educational institutions, including foreign ones

All you need to learn is the desire and access to the Internet.

Contact our managers to find more details about the program   «Признание зарубежного школьного образования в Украине»  you can find out from our managers by phone:

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