В будущее с ОПТИМизмом!

With documents on education

An educational package for children who need special attention and constant support from psychologists and speech therapists*
with special educational needs
with physical and mental traumas
victims of hostilities
*Optima offers the package "To the future with OPTIMism (with documents on education)" for children who received serious injuries as a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine; children and adolescents who have suffered physical and mental injuries; children with dysgraphia and dyslexia; children with cancer; HIV-positive children; children with special physical development and delayed emotional development.
All children have the right to free access to quality education. Children with special needs who have suffered mental or psychological traumas because of hostilities deserve special attention and need constant care and qualified monitoring from teachers and correctional educators.
«To the future with OPTIMism» Standard
1-11 grades
2850 ₴/мес
1-11 grades (external)
1 600 ₴/мес
9 and 11 grades
+3 000 ₴ *
Additional Services
Tutor support
1 100 ₴/мес
Individual lessons with a speech therapist (2 hours/week)
250 ₴/lesson
Individual lessons with a psychologist (2 hours/week)
150 ₴/lesson
* Documents processing expenses
Goals of the school
The main goal of the school is to integrate children with special educational needs into the regular educational space. And Optima specialists use all possible social and psychological resources during training and development. This will provide a sustainable perspective for the formation of prerequisites for comprehensive development and the acquisition of adaptive capabilities of each schoolchild. We adapt the school to the individual educational needs of the child!
Стандартний навчальний пакет містить великий перелік послуг.
Creation of a trajectory of individual development through communication with the children and their performance of interactive tests that provide information on the level of academic knowledge.
Constant access to educational materials 24/7: lessons with text, video and audio materials, interactive games, interesting 3D models, etc.
Integration of motor programs from neuropsychologists: breathing, oculomotor exercises, exercises on development of spatial concepts, arbitrariness, correction of the emotional and volitional sphere.
Annual evaluation of the results of the tests according to the educational program of Ukraine. We also provide preparation and supervision of the state final certification for students in 4th, 9th, and 11th grades.
Online consultations and webinars. Weekly for all core subjects for grades 1 to 11. The teacher communicates in real-time (5 hours per week minimum).
Tutor-remedial educators' support (2 hours per week online).
Individual lessons with a speech therapist (if required).
Individual classes with a psychologist for all categories of children with special needs (if required).
Parents and school psychologists’ sessions to discuss the effectiveness of education and urgent issues for the well-being and comfort of the children (once a month).

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