Free demo access from Optima School

Free demo access from Optima School!

14 days to learn more about the educational materials of grades 1-11, lessons, and the system of the educational site.

Test distance learning according to your rules, get to know the first and largest distance school in Ukraine, and make an informed decision about your children's further education!
Optima School offers a wide range of educational packages.
«Student»all the benefits of distance learning, checking assignments, tasks, and tests.
«External»a minimum of control, the opportunity to build your educational trajectory.
«SuperExternal»two classes in one year.
«Listener»additional training without the need to pick up documents from a full-time school.

Regardless of the package chosen, children get access to the same unique materials designed for distance learning, including videos, audio, tests, 3D, animations, educational games, and more.

The start of demo access is counted from the moment of sending an e-mail with a link to the student's account of the selected class and an access password.

Demo access is:
a modern educational platform available 24/7
a free opportunity to test distance learning
unique lessons with interactive elements, 3D, animations, video and audio materials, texts and educational games, thematic webinars with schoolteachers
powerful technical and service support
To get demo access, fill in the registration form below.
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