For the sake of the future: the distance school Optima and the Ministry of Education will study the possibility of introducing mixed education for Ukrainian schoolchildren

Ukrainian children will be able to get all the benefits of full-time and distance education at the same time.

The Ministry of Education and Science and the largest distance school in Ukraine Optima are developing a new format of school education. This is a blended learning system, which allows students study at a regular school and master certain subjects remotely with teachers of Optima.

The experiment is designed for 2022-2028 and is called "Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the introduction of a mixed format of training for applicants for general secondary education". Ukrainian schoolchildren and teachers of individual schools who receive free access to the resources of the school Optima will participate in this experiment.

Why is it necessary?

According to experts, the labor market will demand specialists, who have modern digital technologies, know how to set goals, and achieve them, successfully work in a team, communicate in a multicultural environment, think critically, and constantly learn new things.

It is impossible to achieve this without an individual approach to the child. All children are different, and they have their abilities and personal preferences. Therefore, Optima develops and implements innovative approaches which create an interesting and comfortable educational environment for children.

The new blended learning format considers the interests and abilities of schoolchildren even during the war. While studying at a regular school, children can study certain subjects at the distance school Optima or successfully master the part of the curriculum that their offline school is temporarily unable to provide due to a lack of specialists or other objective reasons.

The mission of the school is to help children become successful specialists in the future and harmoniously developed people who will be passionate professionals and live in harmony with themselves and society.

How it works

Optima's educational website is available 24/7. Children can have lessons anywhere, according to individual schedules. All students who take part in the experiment will have full access to all educational materials and personal consultations with schoolteachers free of charge.

Thanks to the joint efforts of national and European specialists, Optima has a unique experience in applying the best practices of European education in Ukraine. Individual and group research works have particular attention, and everybody knows how popular they are in the best schools in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

The first distance school Optima has gladly become an experimental institution of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. A modern long-term public-private partnership is a mutually beneficial cooperation for the future of Ukrainian children and the creation of new models of the educational process.

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