Presentation of the distance school "Optima"

Optima is the first and largest distance school in Ukraine. It was founded in 2015. 

About 10,000 children studied at Optima by February 24, 2022. 

After the start of the war, the school accepted 115,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren. 

The learning platform can support up to 500,000 users simultaneously. 

All you need is a computer or laptop and access to the Internet. 

Optima cares to make learning as comfortable as possible, and it offers a wide selection of services aimed at the child's success and the comfort of the family. Including: 

The cost - from UAH 900/month.  

The cost of the service is 1,500 UAH for grades 1-8, 10; 3,500 UAH for 9th and 11th grades.  

The cost – 3500 UAH/month. 

The costfrom 1600 UAH/month. 

Optima is a partner of the Ministry of Education. 

In the spring of 2022, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation. The main goal of the Memorandum is to provide all Ukrainian schoolchildren with high-quality distance education and to consolidate the efforts of the "Optima" school, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine, public organizations, communities, and authorities. 

The distance school invites patrons, foundations, public organizations, and everyone who cares about the future of Ukrainian children to cooperate. 

+38 (067) 333-91-87,

+38 (099) 333-91-87.

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